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BRICS Counter-Terrorism Strategy

November 2020

I. Preamble.

The BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) have elaborated this Counter-Terrorism Strategy with the aim of strengthening the security of the BRICS countries. The objective of BRICS counter-terrorism cooperation is to complement and strengthen the existing bilateral and multilateral ties among the BRICS countries, and to make a meaningful contribution to the global efforts of preventing and combating the threat of terrorism.

The BRICS countries reaffirm that terrorism in all its forms and manifestations constitutes one of the most serious threats to international peace and security, and that any act of terrorism, committed by whomever, wherever and for whatever motives and purposes, is a crime and has no justification. The BRICS countries also recognize that acts, methods and practices of terrorism in all its forms and manifestations are activities aimed at the destruction of human rights, fundamental freedoms and democracy, threatening territorial integrity, security of States, and that the international community should take the necessary steps to enhance cooperation to prevent and combat terrorism, including cross-border movement of terrorists. They are also convinced that terrorism cannot and should not be associated with any religion, nationality, civilization or ethnic group.

II. Principles.

The BRICS countries' counter-terrorism cooperation is based on the following principles:

III. Goals.

The BRICS countries will:

IV. Conclusion.

The BRICS High Representatives for Security shall be entrusted with leading the review of the implementation of this Strategy, and the BRICS Counter- Terrorism Working Group (CTWG) shall be entrusted with its implementation.

The CTWG may discuss to consider elaborating a Plan of Action containing specific measures to implement this Strategy fully and effectively in due course.

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Source: Official website of Russia's 2020 BRICS Presidency