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BRICS IPR Cooperation Guidelines

Annex V to the 7th Meeting of the BRICS Trade Ministers Statement
August 31, 2017

Recalling the decisions of the BRICS Trade Ministers to enhance cooperation among BRICS countries on Intellectual Property (IP);
With the aim of strengthening and enhancing Intellectual Property (IP) Cooperation, BRICS countries hereby establish the following general guidelines for implementing BRICS IPRCM:

  1. Sharing and exchanging information on IP legislation and enforcement as well as recent developments, in order to improve the transparency and understanding of IP systems and policies;
  2. Studying the trade-related IP issues with a view to promote international trade, sustainable development and inclusive growth;
  3. Exploring topics that emerge from global IP development trends and strategies (including topics arising from regional trade agreements), and exchanging opinions over such topics that correspond to the development needs of BRICS;
  4. Promoting involvement of IP stakeholders (including legislative, executive and judicial authorities, as well as academia and business community) in IP cooperation, with a view to improve public IP awareness;
  5. Strengthening communication and coordination on IP-related developments within the relevant international organizations with a focus on trade-related aspects as well as other IP issues subject to consensus´╝Ť
  6. Welcoming technical assistance and support from relevant international organizations for the IP cooperation among BRICS;
  7. Ensuring coordination and synergy as well as avoiding duplication with other IP-related cooperation activities among BRICS countries, in particular with the existing cooperation at the level of BRICS Intellectual Property Offices (HIPO); and
  8. Working on relevant IP issues based on consensus and in line with mutual interests.

Source: Official website of the 2017 Xiamen Summit

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