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Terms of Reference (ToR) of BRICS Model E-Port Network

Annex I to the 7th Meeting of the BRICS Trade Ministers Statement
August 31, 2017


In 2015, the Strategy for BRICS Economic Partnership was approved by BRICS leaders, in which exchange of ideas and experiences on the development of a Single Window was highlighted. In 2016, the BRICS trade ministers endorsed the Framework for BRICS Single Window Cooperation. With the development of Information and Communication Technologies (the "ICT"), E-port emerges as particular form of an integrated electronic platform to process and monitor cross-border movement of merchandise and transportation vessels at a port level. This form of Single Window requires a closer co-operation among all relevant trade-related governmental authorities and agencies in relation to ports. In this context, as a step to implement the aforesaid documents and to realize and strengthen single window collaboration, one of the focus areas will be to develop a common understanding of Model E-port Network, promote cooperation and knowledge sharing network on E-ports among BRICS members becomes an avenue for exploring supply chain connectivity, information communication and technology sharing.

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The objectives of BRICS Model E-Port Network is to explore a mechanism for improving supply chain connectivity and trade facilitation among BRICS members through the following means:

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The Overseeing Body
The CGETI, in close collaboration with the BRICS Customs Working structure, is the overseeing body of the activities envisaged above.

The BRICS Model E-Port Network is an open mechanism established under CGETI. Participating bodies will be nominated by the members to join the network on a voluntary basis.

The Terms of Reference will be reviewed and modified upon the request of one or more members.

Source: Official website of the 2017 Xiamen Summit

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